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Informational & In Flight Articles

ACTIVE FLYING – Keeping the wing from getting too far to the side, too far forward, or back is the goal of active flying.   That and reacting correctly is the goal of active flying.
SPEED TO FLY BASICS – The adjustments to a Paraglider’s speed in relation to wind, lift and sink.
PARAGLIDING SAFETY PRIORITIES – Prioritizing Safety involves keeping your goals towards making it safe on every flight. This article helps you learn how to achieve this.
LIGHT WIND RIDGE SOARING TIPS – Soaring a ridge or cliff in light winds requires speed variations at the correct times.  This article describes techniques to maximize your chances of staying up or getting higher in light conditions.
SPINS VS ASYMMETRIC COLLAPSES WHILE PARAGLIDING  – A common mistake newer pilots do is to cross the correct reaction to these two scenarios.   This aricle helps to cement the difference between these two. 
ACCORDION FROM A ROSETTE – How to pack a wing in a accordion or compress bag from a rosette.
AERODYNAMICS + VIDEO – A ground school recording, topic is Aerodynamics
AIRSPACE – Learn about how to know where you can and cannot fly in the USA with regard to FAA, Part 103 regulations for Ultralight craft (Paragliders are Ultralight crafts)
AIRSPEED vs GROUNDSPEED Article about how wind changes ground speed and tracking vectors.
COASTAL WIND SHEAR PATTERNS Article about awareness of Wind Shears near the coast.
WEATHER – FORECAST AND TOOLS – Video from a ground school that covers flying forecasts and tools like Windy, Spot and XC Skies and more.   Basics of using some of these tools.Article about awareness of Wind Shears near the coast.
FLIGHT PATH AND FLIGHT PLAN –  Article discussing how to fly from launch to landing to help you find lift and, also, to help you make it to the LZ with sufficient height.
BASICS OF THERMAL FLYING – Safety and quick aborts, less launched launches and more are the benefits of the A/C launch method.
P2  TASKS TO COMPLETE – A list of tasks and basic description of each.   Read this after you have started to do some basic tasks and this will help you prepare.
PURCHASING GEAR – Brands and how to plan for a gear package from Airtime of San Francisco.
CRITICAL FLYING SITUATIONS – A list of tasks and basic description of each.   Read this after you have started to do some basic tasks and this will help you prepare.
TIME TO REACT – MANAGING TERRAIN CLEARANCE WHILE PARAGLIDING – An article discussing the importance of terrain clearance and the relationship to both Ridge Soaring and Thermal Flying safety.
USING “BIG EARS” WHILE PARAGLIDING – Big Ears is a system used to increase your descent rate by folding in the outer part of your leading edge.   This article with video show you how to do this.
AIRFOIL THEORY – Learn how airfoils work, how lift is created, what airspeed and groundspeed are and about angle of attack.
READING WINDSOCKS – How to gauge wind speed from calibrated windsocks.
AVOIDING BLOWBACK WHILE PARAGLIDING– Learn how to deal with strong winds and how to avoid getting blown backwards when encountering very strong winds.
PARAGLIDER WING SIZING DISCUSSION – How to properly size your wing.   This article helps you adjust for being a larger or smaller pilot and has adjustments that will help you get the correct sized wing.
USHPA, PARAGLIDING, RATING SYSTEM – What tasks and skills need to be done to earn each of the P1 – P4 ratings.
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