Airtime of San Francisco offers FREE** paragliding ground school lessons.   **Non-students can come to one of these sessions. Students in any program can come to unlimited sessions.  I now do these session via Zoom, so you can attend from home.   You do need a reservation, so please call or contact me via our contact form to make a reservation.

The classes are offered 4 times each month.    For students or non-students with a reservation, you can join a Zoom session  at 6 PM on Wed or Thursday evenings, I offer these Zoom sessions on alternating Wed and Thursdays.

  • Watch Fun Paragliding Videos
  • Learn the theoretical side of Paragliding
  • Begin to achieve your lifelong dreams of flying!

The basics of launching and landing, speed control, and steering will be covered via videos, discussion, whiteboard drawings, and the use of a special paragliding simulator. In addition, each lesson will include a specific topic. These include Ridge Flying, Right of Way Rules, Thermal Flying, Meteorology, Paragliding Ratings, Glider Certification and more.

There is nothing to lose here. It is also a good opportunity to meet me and get a feel for what I have to offer as an instructor. In the process you will begin learning about Paragliding and have fun doing so. Advance reservations are requires, so make sure and save yourself a seat.

To attend you need to make a reservation in advance. This can be a good way to help you figure out if this is something you want to pursue, even if it is just a little curiosity. Contact me through my contact form on the right >>> to request a reservation.  In the programs, I do regular ground schools throughout the lesson program and also make them available at other times to ongoing students if the normal time does not work out.  If you are in a program and want to come to the class after a flight session, you will need to come to the lesson venue and catch us before we go to the venue for the ground school.