Rolling hills that are great for kiting and early flights.   P2s can fly and kite here on their own.  With me, we can work on kiting or low flights.   This site only works with E winds, generally this is winter months.

Driving Directions
  • From the Bay Bridge, estimate about 30 minutes with no traffic issues.  For any other locations, just use your GPS.
  • You can GPS to the Benicia Skate Park, then check the meeting spot below.
  • Beginning on the Bay Bridge heading east, “I-80 E”, continue east about 27 miles
  • A mile or so after you cross the Benicia Bridge, Take exit 30A toward I-780
  • In .2 miles, keep right at the fork, follow signs for Benicia/Martinez and merge onto I-780
  • In 2.3 mi, Take exit 3A toward Columbus Pkwy   Continue after the overpass, go straight onto Rose Dr/State Park Rd.  Continue to follow Rose Dr
  • In 2.7 miles, turn left onto Dempsey Drive.   You will be in the Benicia Community Park and continue until you reach the last parking lotThis is where we meet.  Click her to open this in google Maps