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Preparing and reading for first lessons

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Get excited, you are going to go out and fly.   The below articles should be read to help you make the most of your coming training.   First read the Preparation article to learn how the check in system works, what to bring, what to wear and make sure you know how to get to the day’s flying spot.

In one day courses, forward launches are usually the goal method used.   Please read and watch the videos in the below article – “Forward Launching”.   The forward launch I use includes doing a “torpedo” position.   There is a video of the full launch as well as another one showing you about the  Torpedo Launch technique.

You will also have to land when you fly.   The article, “Flare Timing”  will help you learn the basics of landing.

PREPARING FOR LESSONS – How to check  in for a lesson, including what to wear and bring.
ATTEND FREE GROUND SCHOOL – Ground School classes are theoretical classes where we go over topics.  Full description of the program is at the link address.   We do these online via Zoom.   Anyone can come to one, to attend more, you need to be enrolled in a lesson program.
FORWARD LAUNCHES – The easiest launch method for forward launches of a paraglider.
FLARE TIMING – Flare timing using the Airtime System called 7-5-3.   This system will make landings easier and safer for your flights.

Below are a few articles to read for students in a larger program.   Sometimes we do some ground handling aka Kiting in the early lessons to prepare for reverse launches.   If you have been told you will be doing some kiting, please take time to read the below articles.

LEARNING WINGLISH – A fun story imparting how to feel you wing. Feel of the wing is translated to the word Winglish.
AERODYNAMICS GROUNDSCHOOL –  A recorded ground school focussing on aerodynamics of a paraglider.
KITING A PARAGLIDER – Detailed instructions on kiting methods.  3 videos to help you get there.   This is the most important article to read and watch videos from before a kiting lesson

Additional Articles:

If you have time, reading more can be helpful, especially students in P2, or longer courses.   In short, 1 and 2 day, courses, it is fine to read just those in the left column, but it will help you understand more if you dig in a little.

LOG BOOK BASICS – A free log book will be provided for any student in a full program.   You are required to begin logging your flights for rating assessments and task proof.   This article explains the basic terminology and logging system for each training day.
LIFTING THE WING – For A  Brake launches, how to use the hands to help the paraglider ascend, overhead, to a centered position.
TORPEDO LAUNCH– Used for the running and incorporated into basic forward launches, this position helps pilots launch with power and speed.
BASICS OF TURNING Read this before your first lesson on a hill over 100 feet high.   Normally this is the 2nd or 3rd lesson, but ocassionally even on the first day.
REVERSE CONNECTION – Reverse connection to a paraglider needs  a repeatable system and checks for proper connection. This is a system.
5 KEYS TO KITING – Although it seems like 1000 + things to do for kiting, there are just 5 things that combine to make kiting good.
FIRST TURNS– Learn how to do your first turns.  How to, what not to do etc.
PREFLIGHT YOUR PARAGLIDER – How to inspect your paraglider and ensure it is airworthy prior to flying.
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