Tandem Paragliding is something that is impossible to describe with words. The coastal vistas from the cliffs of San Mateo (Pacifica and Daly City), and San Francisco (Near Fort Funston) are amazing. While paragliding, you get a “birds-eye” view that is not possible in almost any other way. Often on Tandem Paragliding Flights, we fly above the 600 foot cliffs of Daly City and can see San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. In flights from Mountains (Special Arrangements are necessary), we can fly over some of the most beautiful terrain in the world.



Bird’s Eye Video
Airtime Owner, Jeff, Flying the Tandem Wing
Filming by Jose Pruneda


Tandem Paragliding is the solution for you to get in the air without extensive training. In a tandem paragliding flight, you will experience Paragliding and if you desire, you will even learn to steer the paraglider. The tandem paragliding flights and most lessons are within 25 minutes of most San Francisco and San Mateo Locations. If you have interest in a full paragliding lesson program and learning to fly on your own, please go to my lessons page. Tandem paragliding can be a great way to begin your training either way. Tandem paragliding flights are included and combined with the Unlimited Lesson program.

In a Tandem Paragliding Lesson, the Instructor flies a glider that is built for 2 and can handle over a 500 lb payload. A brief introduction to the techniques necessary and what not to do is done before the flight. This is a same day experience where the instructor manages the safety and the student gets to experience the amazing experience of soaring in a paraglider first hand. The instructor manages the take off and landing, but in the air the student pilot can take control of the brakes and steer the paraglider. If you are going to do a Tandem Lesson, it is required that you read the document “Tandem – How It Works” prior to the scheduled lesson.

If you are interested in learning to Paraglide, but have not yet fully decided to go for a complete program, a Tandem Flight is one of the best ways to assess this. If you do a Tandem Flight and then decide it is for you, you can apply the lesson fee toward an unlimited package.

Coastal Tandem Lessons last a minimum of 20 minutes. These flights are available during the summer flying season (March – Mid-October). This is because the wind conditions for good days happen about 50  – 70 % of the days this time of year, during the winter season (October – February), there are only about 10% of days that will work for tandem. I can do a gift certificate for a tandem flight for a birthday or Christmas gift for someone who has a winter season birthday and they will be able to redeem such during the summer flying season.

To get an idea of what a tandem flight is like, a friend of a recent Tandem Student filmed 3 flights and sent me the following film. There are two versions of the same film (both need a higher speed connection – not recommended for dial up), for most of you try using the Tandem.wmv version (this will play in Windows Media Player). A higher quality version is available if you have the correct codec for DivX Tandem.avi (this will play in Quick Time, Media Player or a DivX player with the correct codec). In the start of this film, you will see me taking my daughter Gabrielle up in very light conditions. We flew most of the way to a better launch for the other Tandem flights.

Coastal Tandem Flights are available between March and Mid-October. Due to the inconsistency of weather during the winter weather season (Nov. – Feb.), I offer only Mountain flights during this time of year – to arrange this type of flight and for pricing, please call me – (415) 310-7411.

Tandem flights are also included as part of the Private / Semi-Private Lesson programs whenever flying conditions permit. If you are more interested in a complete program, please go to the Lessons Page.

Still Not convinced, come to a Free Ground School Lesson

Once each week (Thursday Nights), I offer a free groundschool lesson. This groundschool will go over the basics of Paragliding. Via videos, discussion and whiteboard drawings, the basics of launching and landing, speed control, and steering will be covered. In addition, each lesson will include a specific topic. These include Ridge Flying, Right of Way Rules, Thermal Flying and various other flying related topics.

There is nothing to loose here. It is also a good opportunity to meet me and get a feel for what I have to offer as an instructor. In the process you will begin the process of learning about Paragliding and get to see some great videos. Advance reservations are requires, so make sure and save yourself a seat.

To attend you need to make a reservation in advance. This can be a good way to help you figure out if this is something you want to pursue or you if you just have some curiosity. In the lesson programs, I do regular groundschools throughout the lesson program.

Reservations and Payments

Weekends are the most popular, so it is better to call in advance.  If you sign up for a Tandem Flight, please read about Tandem and Paragliding Basics prior to your scheduled Tandem date.

I accept checks, cash and CC

Call to make any arrangements.

(415) 310-7411

Send Check Payments to:

Jeff Greenbaum
457 Norfolk Dr.
Pacifica, CA 94044

Lessons & Cancellation – Rules and Policies

  • All lessons, tandem flights and packages are non-refundable. Exception: In Unlimited Program, if a customer is unsatisfied within the first two lessons, the remaining balance will be refunded. After the first two lessons, refunds are not available.
  • There is a 48 hour cancellation policy for all lessons, including tandem.
  • Failure to show up for a lesson forfeits the lesson fees. (For students in the unlimited program, the charge is $75.00 for no-shows.)
  • The unlimited programs have a 1 year time limit from the first lesson. All other lessons have an no expiration.
  • Lesson purchases can be transferred to another party, except for unlimited packages where some training has already occurred.
  • Refunds are not available for weather cancellations. Lessons or tandem lessons canceled due to weather are re-scheduled as many times as necessary until success is achieved.
  • For Tandem Passengers from out of town, we can do a 1 time attempt (sometimes we might be able to try 2 times – based on schedule and instructor availability) to fly with a $50 non-refundable deposit.   If the weather cooperates on the day of the tandem flight, you will pay the balance for the flight in cash.  If the weather does not cooperate, the deposit will be processed as a service charge for the efforts to schedule and plan the tandem attempt.