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Below are several resources to help examine the wind and fog conditions for flying at Mussel Rock and nearby launches.

New or Visiting Paraglider Pilots (New to Mussel Rock / The Dumps), please visit the Mussel Rock Site Guide and arrange for a full site introduction prior to flying at Mussel Rock Park aka “The Dumps”.

Cheetah Station – faces WNW and helps with Fog 


Station at Mussel Rock Park at about 500′ MSL

This is the live data from the above station, looking SW
It plays showing the history and gives great info on fog etc.
Link to full Station Data

Still Image looking NW toward Mussel Rock, Walker Ridge area

Still Image – Looking SW toward The Dunes

History Video Looking South

Pacifica Tide Chart (Click to go to fullpage for tides)


Fort Funston Current Images

Click Image to go to Funston Wind Data page.
Fort Funston is a Flying Site that Hang Gliders fly at in San Francisco.
It is a few miles North of Mussel Rock Park (AKA The Dumps)


Weather Underground for Pacifica hourly for Pacifica

Tide Map for Pacifica


Below are Maps Showing the locations of Wind Stations in Pacifica and Daly City to help Pilots determine wind speeds and direction in these areas. Click on any of the maps to go to that specific Station

Main Station from Pacifica Wind Data on the Pacifica Wind Page

Dolphin Dr. Pacifica

Station at Top of Skyline Ridge above Manor Dr. (640 Ft.)


Ocean Beach Station

Weather Underground PWS KCASANFR99

Info for Ed Levin Park, Milpitas

Mt. Alison is the peak above Ed Levin. This station tells you
what the wind is doing near the top, 1750 launch
at Ed Levin Park in Milpitas

Wunderground Station for Ed Levin Park (Mt. Allison)

Weather Underground forecast for Milpitas hourly forecast for Milpitas

Winter Season Flying ?
Get Composite Radar Reflectivity from National Weather Service.