Have you heard about the legendary flying site in Turkey?

  • 6,500 foot Mount Babadag has 4 launches and a Tram to the top!
  • Without thermals, a flight is usually 35 – 40 minutes!
  • You land by the Mediterranean Sea in 80 degree temps in a smooth and light sea breeze.
  • You can walk to the Hotel from the LZ in less than 5 minutes.
  • The flying is good nearly every day during this tour, all day!
  • SIV can be done as much as you want for about $60 or $70 per tow.
  • The food and people are amazing.
  • Note: I am requiring all pilots and significant others to be vaccinated prior to this tour.   Covid is not bad in the less populated areas of Turkey.   The vaccination rate in the town will be very high by the time of this tour, but for safety, I am only comfortable with all being vaccinated.
  • Prices below do not include Airfare, Tram Transportation or SIV training.   At this time, tram rates are not yet published, the Tram opens in June.   Guestimate would be about $15 – $20 per trip, perhaps a day pass might be 30 or 40.  

Get the feel of flying here from the below videos.

Landing in Oludeniz, Turkey from Jeff Greenbaum on Vimeo.

Paragliding Heaven from Jeff Greenbaum on Vimeo.

Babadag Mountain from Jeff Greenbaum on Vimeo.

Ridge Soaring Oludeniz from Jeff Greenbaum on Vimeo.

Full Description

There is a Restaurant at the lowest launch.

Novice Pilot minimum is all you need to fly this site.   The Beach in Oludeniz has open spots to land on, all along the shore.  For pilots with a little more skill, there is a park just above the beach that allows pilot to land on grass and concrete to keep with wings away from the sand.   At times, there are so many Tandem Pilots landing here, that it is not suitable for newer pilots to even try, it gets a bit crazy.

Temp in town is usually low to mid 80s!   Food is everywhere, burgers are about 5 or 6 bucks, fancy food about 50 – 60% as expensive as here.   

Oludeniz is the SIV nexus for many world pilots.   You can arrive over the water at 3 – 4000 ft and have a great coach guide you through the pre-discussed tasks.   SIV is not included in the below tour pricing, but cost / run is mentioned and you should certainly do a couple runs during the week.  Rescue Boats are at the ready on the water and will be there immediately if you toss a reserve or have an issue that drops you in the water.
I buy a welcome Dinner for all pilots each week and also a Goodbye Dinner.   Often I add more than this, but minimum I will cover two each week.  I arrange a SIV coach, their briefing for any pilots participating.   

Some of this is still in flux, but what the Chamber of Commerce and the Tram Owners are saying is that it will cost $20 for each trip up the Tram (add $2 for top launches).  It was about $12 in the Vans, but for the faster and smoother rides up, I think the difference is fine.  Perhaps the Vans might still be an option, but we do not know this yet. On the previous tour, some days most pilots did 2 flights / trips up, but many days, just one was all that they did.  Only one couple, did 3 trips in one day.   There is so much other stuff to do, but you choose what you want to do.   

Normally, it is around $1000 RT to Turkey.   I will spec out the main flights to Istanbul and then the transfer flight to near Oludeniz.  The Van ride to town will take you from the Airport to Olu and that is included in the tour.  For the shuttle, you will need to be on the same flight as each week’s main tour.  If someone is doing a 10 day tour, perhaps a private shuttle or taxi can be arranged for off arrival or departure times.