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Launching and Kiting / Ground Handling

LEARNING WINGLISH – A fun story imparting how to feel you wing. Feel of the wing is translated to the word Winglish.
LIFTING THE WING – For A  Brake launches, how to use the hands to help the paraglider ascend, overhead, to a centered position.
KITING A PARAGLIDER – Detailed instructions on kiting methods.  3 videos to help you get there.   This is the most important article to read and watch videos from before a kiting lesson
5 KEYS TO KITING – Although it seems like 1000 + things to do for kiting, there are just 5 things that combine to make kiting good.
A/C LAUNCH METHOD – Safety and quick aborts, less “launched” (popped into the air)  launches and more benefits from the A/C launch method.
FORWARD LAUNCHES – The easiest launch method for forward launches of a paraglider.
TORPEDO LAUNCH– Used for the running and incorporated into basic forward launches, this position helps pilots launch with power and speed.
PREFLIGHT YOUR PARAGLIDER – How to inspect your paraglider and ensure it is airworthy prior to flying.
PITCH CONTROL AND ABORTS WHEN LAUNCHING –  How to keep the wing in the stable zone (not too far back or forward) during launches.   Also, when and how to quickly abort when things make this a priority.
REVERSE CONNECTION – Reverse connection to a paraglider needs  a repeatable system and checks for proper connection. This is a system.
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