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Tandem and Paragliding Lessons in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • One Day Group Paragliding Lesson (Buy multiples)

  • “Private” 1 Day “On the Hill” (1 person, midweek only)

  • “Private” 1 Day / 2 Person, (midweek only) – Just 2 in class, nobody else

  • Basic P2, Paragliding, Novice Training (1 – 5 person, packages)

  • Condor Package -Basic P2, Paragliding, Novice Training + Red Tail program (1 – 5 person, packages)

  • Gift Certificates


Paragliding lessons in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Paragliding in the Bay Area is fantastic.   We have great training sites and sites where you can soar a paraglider for hours at a time.  With modern paragliding equipment designs, the gear weighs between 20 and 40 lbs.   Flight records are close to 400 miles (2022) with no motor with a 170 mile flight via paraglider in the Bay Area (from Mount Diablo).   In addition, you can travel with a paraglider and fly almost anywhere in the world.

Airtime Paragliding and Jeff Greenbaum have been teaching paragliding since 1988 and instruction is done at several locations in the Bay Area, near San Francisco.   What sets Airtime of San Francisco, Paragliding School apart is a smaller class size, and the commitment to each and every student to not only meet the basic standards but more, building understanding, solid skills and attitude.

Over the many years, Airtime of San Francisco Paragliding has built Free Article section of the website that features detailed discussions of techniques, study guides for exams, quizzes and videos.   Another way to learn technical information is our free GROUND SCHOOL program.   Anyone can come to one of these sessions.   Click on the link for full information.

Providing the highest level of safety and training is something I take pride in for each and every paragliding student I work with.

Specializes in small class sizes and a program that focuses on the fundamentals and perspectives that will help build a safe foundation for a lifetime of flying.

Airtime san Francisco offers amazing  & competitive package rates for Equipment and Gear with our lesson programs.

When I would get together with my friends, we would compare notes and I always felt that I was getting the better deal. I definitely had more one on one time with my instructor (Jeff) than my friends did with theirs. I learned lots of skills and most importantly learned to be safe. I now have over 100 hours of airtime and 300 launches!

Marty BraseltonReflection

This is probably a good time to offer my sincere thanks for the great times I had flying this summer. Your attention to detail, enthusiasm for teaching, and emphasis on safety are all very much appreciated!

Sam LintonGraduate

Thank you for giving me a concrete foundation of basic skills, for giving me the experiences I needed before a mountain trip, for helping to give me confidence in my abilities, and for giving me a chance to fly this weekend ...for this life-changing weekend experience.

Tonia FoxGrateful Graduate

Many instructors I have seen over the years teach fear, Jeff teaches respect.

Honza RejmanekParagliding Icon - Red Bull X-Alps Athlete

When learning to paraglide Jeff kept me safe and taught me to how to be a safe flyer. I learned at my own pace. He gave highly actionable advice that consistently improved my abilities to fly.

Jason FordHappy

What a great wizard we have in Jeff Greenbaum, thanks for all the protective guidance. (“Nova, get down right now, you’re way too high!”)…

Klaus StoermerGrateful

I was impressed with the professional manner that you run the program. You were prompt and dependable throughout our series of lessons. Your 20 years of experience in the sport was evident in your instruction and focus on safety.

Paul FracolliFather who trained w/Son

Jeff, your emphasis on safety, technique and kiting skill is really commendable. I got kudos on launch for managing my shit well (enough ;). Well done.

Bowen DwelleAdventure King

I learned paragliding with Jeff of Airtime of San Francisco four years ago, best decision ever. Airtime of San Francisco has a well structured course, the pace is kept constantly within the student acquired skill set, and Jeff judgment is always spot on.

Marco PontilHappy Graduate

– Jeff leaves no stone unturned – when you are learning from Jeff he will give you his full attention and will make sure you understand every mistake you are making as well as all the things you are doing well.

Brian HachtmanRight Decision, reflection

Hands down the method of instruction was in-depth, one on one, professional and completely by the book. Certainly one of the pioneers in the sport, Jeff has developed and extensive on-line wealth of articles and tutorial videos that his students have access to. This information was invaluable (and still is) through my certification and continued learning process.

Kirk AlkireCame all the way from Alaska

Owner of Airtime of San Francisco, Jeff Greenbaum, launching from Mount Tamalpais in February, 2023.
Beautiful Sunset!