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Congrats to all the new and recent pilots receiving their P2 ratings! Since you’re no longer following a set curriculum with the school, it can be tough to know what to do next. Here’s a few tips and tricks to help you on your flying journey.

  • Don’t fly alone – often if no one else is flying, there’s a reason you might not yet understand this early in your flying progression. Check in with more experienced pilots, and always get an intro from a knowledgeable pilot when you fly new sites.
  • Kite, kite, kite! It’s so important to keep practicing throughout your flying career. In the beginning, you can try to aim for a ratio of 10:1 ( yes, that’s 10 hours kiting per 1 hour flying).
  • Get connected to the Bay Area online communities to find mentors, figure out when/where to fly and more. We tend to use Telegram (TG) to chat about site conditions, coordinate logistics, schedule site intros, discuss gear, techniques, weather, etc. You can request a listing of all the TG groups on the Wings of Rogallo website Note:   To fly Ed Levin after getting your P2, without being in an Airtime class, you are required to be a member of Wings of Rogallo!
  • Get a soaring intro at Mussel Rock – Included with the Condor Package!   Or, you can buy a coast intro ala carte, or as a package (The Red Tail) for both Thermal / Mountain and Coastal Soaring.
  • Take your first flights off the 600′ at Ed Levin – Just come out any time Jeff or Pam are teaching on the 300
  • Read books, articles, watch videos, listen to podcasts about paragliding (see below for some suggestions)
  • Schedule your first SIV – we are lucky to have 2 great SIV schools in the area LetFly and MaxAcro.  Or if you are in a location where SIV is done, have at it.
  • Come to Mexico with Jeff and me in early 2024!!  Or, any of our tours in the future!
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