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Below are some samples from the training hills.   Our simple techniques help students get in the air safely.  When watching the below samples, remember, this is new for all of the pilots.   Picture the fun being had and notice the low elevations and that even when things go wrong, it is not too bad:

60′ Hill (generally 1st and 2nd days)


In this one, it is not a long flight, but one continuous try with two short hops on the way down the hill.

Not super high, but solid basics showing early, this is 1st day!

A great first run, kept arms up, and flew from bottom of hill, kudos!

Lots of good here, but lots to learn – commentary added to this one.

300′ Higher Hills and Coast Intro (P2 and Condor pkg samples)

Student close to earning P2, novice, rating does 180s and 360 on way to spot landing attempt.

Student nails his final, 5th/5, P2 spot!