Potato Hill Flying Site

Maps and Directions to Potato Hill

Directions:  (Note – first time to this site, it is highly recommended to drive up during daylight hours.   The country roads are very tricky for some to navigate in the dark.   You have been warned!)
Relief Map for drive from Maxwell to Stonyford
Looking out from Launch

Potato Hill Flying Site – Basic Flight Plan
Below are some photos of Potato Hill. The Yellow and Blue paths are the two most common flight paths used at this site. Most of the time, I prefer to use the yellow path, but either can work. Both primary paths target higher terrain where lift will be better and increase the chances of reaching the LZ with extra altitude. The spine of the left is very easy to see from launch and any thermals that rise up the slope below the top of the ridge will release above the spine.
On flights where lift and thermals are encountered, a pilot can climb and have a little freedom from continuing towards the LZ. But, whenever a pilot starts to lose lift and begins descending again, the flight plan dictates to stay on the flight path. Once well up in a thermal, moving around a bit above the general area is fine. Once a pilot moves back down toward launch level, moving back to the primary path comes back into play..

Potato Hill – Two Common Primary Paths
I normally find better lift on the yellow path, but either can work good for flight. Many think the Hay Bails is the best thermal, but the most consistent thermal at Potato is the one on the ridge to the left of launch. Also, this path usually provided easier ability to reach the LZ with some extra height.
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Note – New LZ is to the right of this area.   It is at the old “Boy Camp”
which used to be a detention center and is now closed.
The coordinates of the new LZ are:  39°21’6.76″N and 122°39’40.86″W
View from above  launch