P2 Test – Study Guide (Preview)

The following is a study guide that can help you prepare for the USHPA P2 / Novice examination. The best way to use the following suggestions is to review and look up each concept in your resources (manuals, internet articles or other sources) and go over the material mentioned until you have a solid understanding of such.

Concepts to Study and be familiar with:

  • Flying Speeds – Trim, Min Sink, Best Glide, Best L/D …

  • Speed to Fly concept (adjusting airspeed to manage glide with regard to headwinds, tailwinds, lift and sink)

  • Airspeed, Groundspeed and the importance of recognizing the difference between the two

  • Upwind, Downwind, Crabbing

  • Rotors and Mechanical Turbulence

  • Full Stalls and Constant Stalls/Parachutal Stalls
    • Know that Full Stalls have no true warning signs prior to the onset. Know wether the cause of a full stall is a result of angle of attack or lack of speed (look this up) .
    • Know what happens when a full stall does begin.
    • Know what the worst thing to do when a full stall begins.

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