How to Preflight a Paraglider (Preview)

At the beginning of each flying day, you need to carefully inspect your glider and harness. In any form of flying, you never include assumptions in your checks. The checks are done to ensure your safety and ensure that the paraglider is ready for flight.

The pre-flight of the paraglider wing is not the same as a reverse harness connection preflight. Every time you launch you need to do the harness connection checks. During a training session, the wing is pre-flighted at the start of the session or when something occurs that may have damaged the paraglider.

I break down the pre-flight routine into 4 sections:

  • Preparation
    • Spread the paraglider out in the normal fashion (on its back with lines upwind) for launching, but if there is light wind, you need not yet build the arch (you will do this as part of the preflight). If there is wind, you can build a wall to help clear the lines and make sure the stacking of the risers is correct. If there is light or no wind, organize the risers so that they A risers are on top and not twisted between line and the carabiner. In the final ……

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