Big Sur Flying Site

Maps and Directions
Big Sur / Plaskett Creek Flying Site

Site Guidelines: Big Sur is an extremely beautiful place to fly. Conditions here can be suitable for Novice and above pilots. There are days that it is not suitable, normally when there is moderate to strong wind at launch or even more so, strong winds in the LZ or coming in from the ocean. Watch for any sign of whitecaps coming in from the ocean – this is a sign to seriously consider not flying.

Access: Two wheel drive, paved to top of ridge, then dirt traversing ridge to the south. It is a full 1 hr drive from LZ to launch or visa versa!

Directions to Campgrounds:


Directions to Launch:

Visual of the drive to launch
(Click will enlarge  – NOTE – from Plaskett campground, head N on Highway 1 to Nacimiento Rd)
To Wild Cattle Launch




The LZ – Looking up toward the end of the main spine


Launch – Looking down the main spine