Basics of Thermal Flying (Preview)

This article is intended to provide some basic techniques for ascending in thermals. It will also add some discussion of where to look for thermal triggers.  The article Flight Plans and Primary Flight Paths should underlay all concepts discussed here. This means that continuing to circle in thermals comes secondary to ensuring you will make it to the LZ safely.

Thermals come in many shapes, sizes and textures. Some thermals are too small to circle in, while others can be so huge that you have to try to find your way out of them.  Some are just strong enough to maintain your altitude, while others take you up so fast it can be disconcerting.   Active flying is the approach that will help you manage your wing while thermalling, but the following should make climbing in thermals easier.

Where to Find Thermals:

Flying Terrain:

Thermals form as a result of the ground heating the air. So, thermals always release from ……

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