Active Flying (Preview)

Basics for Paragliding Pilots

Q: So, what actually is active flying? I know that one must be tuned in to the glider, but how does one go from non-active flying to active flying? If it is reacting to the glider, why is it not called reactive flying?

A: Active flying is called such because the goal is continuous connectivity to the paraglider as a bird is to its wings. If Yoda had taught Luke how to paraglide, he would have said something like – “Connect to the Wing Luke”. True active flying includes some anticipation and using subtle sensations to anticipate air activity to manage it quicker.

Q: So, if I go to a maneuvers clinic will it help me to achieve this feeling?

A: Yes, a maneuvers clinic will help you in some of the sensations that happen in the process of maneuvers and collapses, but no it is not the whole picture.

Q: OK, can you tell me how to feel the wing and become an active pilot?

A: Sure, the following is the basic theory of active flying and ……

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