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read_1 Paragliding Lesson Preparations
Article describing what to bring, and what to read prior to beginning a paragliding lesson program.
Learning Winglish
Relaxation is the key to kiting.   Andy has a moment where he connects to his wing and begins to learn winglish.
Preset Hand Kiting An article describing how to feel and connect to a paraglider for kiting and while flying. This article is great to read at the beginning of any lesson program.
Preflight of Paraglider How to inspect the paraglider prior to a flying session.
Lifting the Wing The key to kiting is how to lift the wing overhead each and every time. This article summarizes the main techniques for achieving this…
Reverse Connection Article showing step by step instructions for connecting to a paraglider for a Turn Transition or Reverse Launch. The steps are combined with the harness connection preflight checks.
Accordion Packing How to pack a paraglider using the accordion folding method.
read_2 Reverse Launch Primer
Article written by Joe Bosworth (Of Australia). Overview of good Reverse Launch practices.

Landing and Flare Timing

Article describing the 7 – 5 – 3 “two stage” flair technique for landing the paraglider.

5 Keys to Kiting Kiting is far simpler than you think.  If you can focus on the 5 keys, your kiting will go to the next level.
Paragliding Safety Primer
Long Term safety in paragliding needs some prioritization and looking out for the little things. This article discusses some systems and techniques you can use to achieve this
Torpedo Launch Basics
Article describing how and why to use a Torpedo Launch.
Paragliding Etiquette
Paragliding Etiquette concepts in relation to launching and landing situations.
Flight Plans and Primary Flight Paths An article conveying the importance of having a flight plan and how this minimizes hazards for student and every flight.
Speed to Fly Article I wrote describing speed management relating to glide ratio in a Paraglider
Figure 8 landing Approaches Article describing the Figure 8 landing approach in a Paraglider.
Reading Windsocks Basic information about windsocks, calibrated vs non-calibrated, wind speed concepts.
Focus points for paragliding launches Article that describes and analyzes some common flaws in launching technique. 
read_3 Avoiding BlowBack at Mussel Rock
Article I wrote about avoiding Blowback at Mussel Rock – AKA “The Dumps”. People often think flying paragliders at this beautiful coastal site as being ultra safe, but many visiting and some locals have experienced blowback.
Avoiding BlowBack
Same article as above, but I revised (de-referenced from Westlake Cliffs) for the USHPA Hang Gliding and Paragliding magazine and it was published December 2004 USHPA Magazine.
Active Flying Article defining “Active Flying” in a Paraglider.
Ultralight crafts, where we can an cannot fly with regard to the FAA part 103 rules.
Airfoil Theory Discussion of how airfoils create lift, what angle of attack is, what a stall is and the basics of aerodynamics.
Critical Flying Situations Basics of methods to deal with critical flying situations ( like spins, spirals, collapses )
Rotors and Mechanical Turbulence
Article discussing how mechanical turbulence is created and how to be aware of where it is and avoid… This is now incorporated into the Mussel Rock Site Guide.
Flying Near Water
Landing in water should be prevented at all costs. This is a section of the Mussel Rock Site Guide that discusses how to avoid landing in the water, the importance of flying with a hook knife, as well as how to deal with it if you land near or in the water.
Light Wind Ridge Soaring
Article I wrote about flying Paragliders in Lighter Wind Conditions. Published in July 2005 USHPA Magazine.
Right of Way Rules
The Basic Right of Way Rules for Free Flight crafts (Paragliders, Hang Gliders, Sailplanes)
Mussel Rock Site Guide for Paragliding Pilots
Site guide for Mussel Rock, AKA “The Dumps” This article combines the Blowback and Rotors articles and adds launch and water landing avoidance / emergency procedures.
Addendum to Right of Way Rules
Article I wrote about some issues within the Right of Way rules that need better definition. Published in August 1996 USHPA Magazine.
A/C Paragliding Launch
Article describing a technique that uses the A and C or D riser to better manage wings quick ascent during high wind launch situations.
Pitch Control and Aborts in Reverse Launches Center your goals during launch on keeping the wing overhead and stable while understanding the value of aborting.

Safety Activism

Article discussing how to become active and enhance safety via social networking etc.
Paraglider Sizing Discussion
An article to help pilots understand some of the sizing criteria for choosing the right size paraglider.
Thermal Basics Basics of flying in thermals. Where to look for thermals, how to turn and what to avoid.
Cobra Paragliding Launch
Pictures and description of the Cobra launch technique used in higher winds to circumvent the pull of eye of the wind reverse launches.
Coastal Wind Shears Information about wind shears that occur in the San Francisco Bay Area at the coast.
General Information
Rating Requirements USHPA Part 104 – rules governing Paragliding. This document lists the requirements for each rating, tasks for demonstration, and operating limitations for each rating.
P2 Study Guide A study guide to help you prepare better for the P2 Written Examination.
P3 Study Guide A study guide to help you prepare better for the P3 Written Examination.
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Expanding Knowledge Site by Jérôme Daoust Lots of Instructional and Technical Articles and more …